“I am seeing Dr Fandel for hair loss and all other doctors were at a loss of what could be causing it and she dug in and is helping me find the cause.
She is truly the best! Kind and patient!

She also does PRP to help with hair loss among many other things.
If you need a new doctor or a second opinion there is on one better..”

Dr. Madison Fandel is a gifted and knowledgeable naturopath. She has helped me with nutritional supplements in the past and present. She has counseled me on the Bio-Identical hormone replacement and given great advice. I have had prolotherapy done on my left knee which helped immensely. It’s nice to have alternative options instead of just Western-style medicine. I fully recommend her and her great work.

– Knee Prolotherapy

I am a 50-year-old single mother of four and the health of my children and myself is of utmost importance. I am constantly seeking new natural ways to improve and maintain our bodies.

My search for ways to stay young and healthy in mind body and spirit led me to Dr Madison Fandel and her cutting-edge techniques.

I want to comment on the success of her PRP expertise as I have benefitted.

I have received both the O shot and two vampire facials to date with every intention to continue receiving future treatments. I received the “O shot” with the hope that it could end my incontinence problem and received more than that! I am thrilled to report that immediately after the treatment I had no more issues and this is two years later. The process was easy and with very little discomfort.

Dr Fandel walked me through it every step of the way and educated me to my level of satisfaction. I also pleasantly recognized a very welcome newfound sexual drive! Bonus!! I feel like a completely normal functioning human again! There was no post pain whatsoever! Thank you for this gift Dr Fandel! I tell everyone I know when the topic comes up that it is a no brainer! This is not any more of a lengthy process and far less discomfort than our annual lady checkups!

Highly recommend this little miracle to anyone!

My opinion of Dr Fandel is 5 stars and or a perfect 10!

She has a relaxing presence, she is very educated in her fields of study, she has a great bedside manner, and plays with my sense of humor which is my approach on life. I really enjoyed the level of comfort Dr Fandel provided during the process very much.

Secondly, I want to talk about the “Natural Vampire Facials” of which I have had two. I say natural because I am not a fan of the injectables that are so popular in these times. I wanted the youth, wrinkle management, skin tone repair miracle without the fillers! Not too much to ask right? Well the answer is…RIGHT! I am blessed because Dr Fandel has the same natural approach to beauty management.

She does the Vampire Facial without the fillers using only the PRP collected from your own blood draw. The procedure was simple, the timing was super reasonable, the pain was surprisingly manageable and the healing time was remarkable. Overall, I will say, there were only two days of minimal discomfort and by minimal, it feels a bit like a minor sunburn and the skin feels tight. Dr Fandel did an excellent job explaining exactly what I dealt with. She is very honest and real. I followed her aftercare instructions and found it to be easy enough and quite frankly doable! The short-term results were immediately recognized by my peers and quite noticeable!

I did not announce what I was doing to friends and they were quick to comment on my new youthful look! They said I looked 10 years younger, my skin was radiant and glowing!

I have noticed a drastic softening of my wrinkles and even the fine lines disappeared as well as the faint brownish spots I was beginning to notice…gone!

Before the treatment, I felt like my lips were not as full and plump but after the treatment, they were restored! Two days after the treatment was makeup and business as usual with one twist…amazing new glow! I continued to enjoy watching my face change for the better in the several months to follow! It is like I gave my face a dose of super juice!! I plan on making this beauty regimen twice a year must do!

Dr Fandel truly listened to my needs and together we discussed the options and came up with a successful plan. She also walked me through the whole process ahead of time so I felt comfortable and there were no surprises! I am so happy to have found her! This is an incredible youth tool and all from my own blood! The combination of the attitude I brought as well as the nature of Dr Fandel and the passion she exudes made these procedures so incredibly successful and thrilling for me!

She is truly a remarkable cutting-edge Natural Doctor who I will continue my natural healing journey with.

Thank you for being who you are Dr Madison Fandel! I am truly grateful for your passion and expertise!

I also just embarked on another healing adventure with Dr Fandel for my degenerative knees! Dr Fandel is also treating my knees with Prolotherapy! I will keep you posted on that. I have only just started the treatment but am hopeful that I will be able to report huge successes with that as well. Dr Fandel has wonderful cutting-edge techniques and skills for any number of things. Blessings on your health maintenance and healing journeys

– PRP and Prolotherapy

I’ve had hip pain for many years, but after my c-section, my hip pain worsened. Although I was doing PT, I wasn’t really improving. Then I found Dr. Fandel. After just one prolo injection I had markedly less pain and tension in my hip. The relief continued to improve over the course of two weeks. I look forward to my next injection and the results I’ll see next.

– Hip Prolotherapy

Immediately after giving birth to my first child, I began feeling pain in my wrists caused by the position to keep my littles one’s head up. Other mothers told me they felt the same pain and it would eventually subside but never really go away. I tried everything: from wrapping tape around my wrists every day to wearing wrist braces to bed. The sharp pain would creep up again with the slightest bend. I was burdened by this and under the impression that I would just have to deal with it. 9 months postpartum, I was introduced to prolotherapy after expressing my frustration to Dr.Fandel. She treated both wrists by injecting the areas she saw that may have been affected. Immediately following the first treatment I felt relief in both wrists and I was asked to come back in 4 weeks for a second treatment. Just days after my second treatment, the pain was completely gone and has been pain-free ever since. I also have the peace of mind that natural substances were used to heal my pain, which Dr. Fandel went into detail about prior to my treatment. Dr.Madison’s professionalism, knowledge and extreme care are beyond any other doctor that has ever treated me.

– Wrist Prolotherapy