Regenerative Injections for Natural Pain Management

Live pain free with regenerative injections. Regenerative injections use all natural substances to promote healing, restore function and enhance mobility. Revitalizing the body’s tissues naturally, restoring function and vitality.

Dr. Fandel uses a unique approach for regenerative injections to heal all kinds of pain; chronic, age-related, from overuse or wear and tear, even old injuries that did not heal correctly and causing issues. She employs a customized injection plan for each patient where she utilizes the properties of the natural substances and various injection techniques to achieve the best results.

Natural Pain Management

  • Perineural Injections
    – Calm inflamed nerves
    – Release tight muscles
    – Reduce pain
    – Improve function and mobility
  • Prolotherapy
    – Reduce/heal pain in joints, tendons, ligaments
    – Stabilize and strengthen joints
    – Calm inflamed joints
    – Promote cartilage deposition
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
    – Contains growth factors
    – Reduce/heal pain in joints, tendons, ligaments
    – Improve function and mobility

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