Meet Dr. Madison Fandel, a dedicated naturopathic doctor with a profound focus on women’s health, hormonal balance, and aesthetic procedures. With a personalized and patient-centric approach, she empowers women to achieve vibrant and pain-free lives. Dr. Fandel’s expertise guides individuals through their unique health journeys, addressing root causes and uncovering underlying issues.

After several years of practice in Seattle, WA, Dr. Fandel has returned to the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing her specialized knowledge in endocrine disorders, natural hormone equilibrium, thyroid health, gastrointestinal wellness, and both women’s and men’s health. Her proficiency also extends to natural pain management techniques and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Fandel’s commitment to holistic well-being includes a range of natural aesthetic services. She has trained under the guidance of Dr. Charles Runnels, the innovator behind the Vampire Facelift. Her offerings encompass PRP treatments for hair rejuvenation, acne remedies, and the O-Shot for enhancing sexual health—enriching every facet of her patients’ lives. Her ultimate joy lies in assisting individuals in realizing their health aspirations.

Her passion for women’s health was ignited by her own journey. Struggling with persistent acne in her youth, conventional treatments proved futile. Dr. Fandel’s breakthrough came through embracing natural methods—embracing diet, exercise, and herbal remedies—which led to a transformative experience of healing her skin from within. This personal odyssey fueled her commitment to aiding others in similar predicaments.

Education has been Dr. Fandel’s cornerstone. With a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Hawaii, she embarked on a quest to comprehend the intricate biological systems governing our health. Her pursuit culminated in a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA, where she graduated in 2014.

Dr. Fandel’s thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. Post-doctorate, she acquired multiple certifications and advanced training. Her journey included fellowship courses in Anti-Aging, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine, earning her a Diplomate distinction from the American Boards of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners. She honed her skills in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, prolotherapy, IV therapy, ozone therapy, and hormone replacement therapy, even becoming certified in BioTe hormonal replacement pellet therapy.

New patients are enthusiastically welcomed to Dr. Madison Fandel’s practice. Appointments can be conveniently scheduled by reaching out to her office directly or utilizing the user-friendly online booking tool. Your journey towards optimal women’s health, balanced hormones, and revitalizing aesthetic procedures begins here.

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